District: Ukhrul

Ukhrul, the highest hill station of the state is located at a distance of 83 kms. to the east of Imphal. Ukhrul is well developed and is a centre of a colourful warrior tribe, the Tangkhul Nagas. Siroi Hills and Khangkhui Lime Caves are interesting places for excursions.Tangkhul is one of the oldest and major tribes of Manipur.

The tourist places located at Ukhrul district of Manipur are listed Below:

Khangkhui Cave
Shiroy Hills
Pic:Siroi Hill

Siroi Hills: Ukhrul is also known for a peculiar type of land-lily, the Siroi Lily, grows on the Siroi hills at a height of 8,500 ft. This beautiful lily growing only in this part of world blooms during May-June.


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