District: Imphal East

The District is situated in two separate valleys of the state namely Central Valley and Jiribam Valley. The total area of District is 469.44 sq. km. approximately. The District is situated at an altitude 790 metres above the M.S. Level. The climate of the District is salubrious and Monsoon is tropical. It has no rail network and hence communication is entirely dependent on roads except Jiribam Sub-Division bordering Cachar District of Assam where there is a railhead. The District is connected with N.H. 39, N.H. 53 and N.H. 150.

The tourist places located at Imphal East district of Manipur are listed Below:

Shre Shre Govindajee Temple
A historic Vaishnavite centre, adjoining Manipur's former Maharajas Royal Palace, the Govindajee temple is one of the most attractive sights for the tourists. Twin domes, a paved courtyard, and a large raised congregation hall form a perfect backdrop for priests who descend the steps, to accept offerings from devotees in the courtyard. The shrines of Lord Krishna and Balaram and Jagannath flank the two sides of the presiding deity. Early hours Prayer (Aarti) is a must for devoted followers, exuding spiritual fervour and ecstasy.
Pic:Shre Shre Govindajee temple
Ramjee Prabhu Temple
Hanuman Thakur Temple
The centre of Manipur's power till 1891, the historical embodiment of Manipur Rulers and the people of Manipur, Kangla have a significant place in the heart and mind of the people of ManipurGovindajee temple, outer and inner moat and other relics are perfect reflections of the rich art and culture of Manipur and her civilization.
Second World War Cemetery at Dewlahland
Commemorating the memories of the British and Indian soldiers who died during the World War II, these War Cemeteries are managed by the Commonwealth War GravesCommission. Serene and well maintained, the War Cemetery carry little stone markers and bronze plaques recording the sacrifice of those gallant soldiers.
Pic:War Cemetery
Indian Army War Cemetery at Hatta
Khuman Lampak Sport Complex
Pic:Khuman Lampak Main Stadium

Khuman Lampak Main Stadium is a multi-use stadium in Imphal, India. It is currently used mostly for football matches. The stadium holds 30,000 people and was built in 1999.The opening ceremony of the V National Games of India was conducted here on Feb,1999. This stadium lies inside the Khuman Lampak Sports Complex and hosts various facilities like the Indoor Stadium/Outdoor stadium, Swimming Pool, etc.
MMTA at Minuthong

Pic:Manipur Mountaineering and Trekking Association (MMTA) at Lamdan
The adventure Headquarter developed by Manipur Mountaineering and Trekking Association (MMTA) at Minuthong and its park about 44 kms away from Imphal is within a 500 acres big premises of the Manipur Mountaineering Institute. The adventure park has infrastructure for adventure sports like gliding, rope bridge, river crossing, wall climbing etc besides facilities such as spider net, tunnels and monkey round.
MAASI at Keirao
Pic:Kaina Temple at Yairipok

It is a hillock about 921 metres above sea level and a sacred place of the Manipuri Hindus. So goes the story that one night, Shri Govindajee appeared in the dream of his devotee, Shri Jai Singh Maharaja and asked the saintly king to install in a temple, an image of Shri Govindajee. It was to be carved out of a jack fruit tree, which was then growing at Kaina. The scenery in this place is charming and the hill shrubs and natural surroundings give the place a religious atmosphere. It is only 29 km (18 mi) from Imphal.
Mutua Museum
This Museum, a Cultural Complex is at Andro village (about 26 kms.) from the capital. Here artifacts of the State and from all over the North East are housed, such as pottery collection,rare coins,rare manuscripts of the state, paintings, basketries, bell metals, jewelleries, wood carving etc. There are exact replicas of the houses from different tribes and groups of the state like: Poumai, Kabui, Meitei, Kuki, Tangkhul etc.
Pic:Mutua Museum at Andro


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