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       Manipur, a little Shangrila located in North-East India, is a Jewel of India. This little corner is a paradise on Earth where Mother Nature has been extra generous in her bounty. Least touched and least discovered Manipur promises to be the great tourist discovery of the 21st century.
        An oval shaped valley surrounded by blue green hills, rich in art and tradition has inspired description such as the “Switzerland of the East” with its cascading rapids, tripling rivers, varieties of flowers, exotic blooms and lakes. The people of Manipur include Meitei, Nagas, Kuki-Chin-Mizo and Gorkhas groups and Muslims and other colourful communities which have lived in complete harmony for centuries.
        These are the people whose folklore, myths and legends, dances, indigenous games and martial arts, exotic handlooms and handicrafts are invested with the mystique of nature and an indefatigable “Joie de vivre”.     

   The Department of Tourism, Government of Manipur  came in to existence in August, 1972 as a publicity wing of the IPR Department.  Over the years it has evolved into an independent department, considering the natural beauty and potential of the State, every effort should be taken to make it an efficient and vital department of Tourism in the State.

Pic:Manipur Tourism Head Office

Hotel Imphal, which is under the administration of the Department, was started in the style of Tourist Lodge in 1978.  Over the years the Hotel has been upgraded and expanded to the present day status.  The infrastructure and manpower management of the Hotel is gradually being streamlined to meet the standard of a modern day 5-Star Category Hotel.


Profile of Tourism Administration:

     The Tourism Administration is looked after by a Commissioner to the Government of Manipur.  The Directorate of Tourism is headed by a Director of IAS Grade assisted by a Dy. Director of MCS Grade and other Officers namely, an Assistant Director (A/Cs) manned by an MFS Officer, a Tourist Officer, a Store Officer and Senior Manager.  Furthermore, 37 employees of Grade – III & IV constitute the manpower available to the Directorate.  The Tourism department has no district level office.


Role of Tourism Department:

     It is the objective of the Tourism Department to seek and explore the potential of tourism to the maximum and bring about a sustainable growth and development of tourism to the State.  Inspite of huge potential for tourism growth in Manipur, some of the potentials have still remained largely untapped.

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